Bring your garden to life with our new Peckish videos. Matt Brash, celebrity zoo and wildlife vet, will walk you through top tips on how to set your garden up, why we should feed wild birds and the different food types.

Why should we feed wild birds?

Matt Brash guides you through the basics of supplementary feeding to help wild bird through times of food shortages. Over the last 30 to 40 years there's been a marked decline in the number of native wild birds and even more so recently. But there's a lot that we as gardeners can do to really help this.


Choosing and caring for your bird feeders
and tables

It's really important to choose the right location in your garden to position bird feeders and tables. You need somewhere safe for the birds, visible from a window so you can enjoy their antics, but also somewhere with good access. 


Top tips for feeding wild birds

What we feed our wild birds is really important if you want to attract lots of different types of birds to your garden. From seed mixes, to nuggets and sunflower hearts to peanuts.