Peckish Products

The Peckish range of bird food has been created to provide garden birds with high quality food that will keep them looking great and full of life, so that you can relax and enjoy seeing more birds, colour & bird song in your garden.

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to ensure each of the feeds is nutritious and full of energy  and will encourage birds to keep coming back to your garden to feed.

Using Peckish bird feeds in feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding trays will help encourage a wide variety of birds to your garden.

The Peckish feeder range also provides a simple and easy to use way of feeding the birds in your garden.

Seed Mixes

The Peckish seed mixes have been developed to give nutritious feed to a variety of birds in your garden. With blends for all round use through to blends for specific species of birds there is something for every type of bird you will want to see and enjoy in your garden.

Sunflower, Peanut and Nyger

To give the birds in your garden the most energy feed them sunflower seeds, peanuts & nyger seeds. These high energy seeds will attract a variety of birds to your garden all year round.


Give the birds in your garden a treat with Peckish, snack feeds designed to offer garden birds quick high energy feed when they need it most.


A simple easy to use range of feeders that will make feeding the birds in your garden a pleasure. Includes feeders for seed mixes, nyger seed and peanuts.